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Two more Jean Pant Criminals spotted…both working out at gym in jean shorts [pics]
Posted by on Nov 8th, 2013

I can’t anymore.

The jean pant criminals are now training at gym in jorts. Help us baby Jesus.

Working out in jorts (or jean shorts for those unfamiliar with the f**kery) is not something we havn’t seen before, but it was previously a very rare occurance only reserved for the most hardcore jean pant criminal specimens. In the past your average JPC would never be brazen enough to just stroll into the gym and work out in denim shorts. No, they were confined to wearing the full length variety. Sure they experimented with baggy jeans, flared jeans, skinny jeans and even three quater jeans, but jorts…nope that was reserved for jean pant criminal royalty.

Not anymore.

Spotted this week in Cape Town and KZN we have these two specimens.

In durban this chap was snapped in toight jeant pant shorts.

jean pant criminal

Yes true jorts those. Tight enough to be leggings, denim and above the knee makes them shorts.

Sorry bout the image quality and size, but the person who snapped it was a first timer and likely nervous. She has promised to snap a better pic next time though.

And then we have this chap spotted in Cape Town.

The first time i think we’ve had a specimen training on a power plate and also the first time we’ve documented proof that ones with rolled up jean short exist.

jean pant criminals

I so badly want to slow clap at that, but let’s not get drawn in by their mesmerisingness. That’s exactly what they want.

We need to be strong and stand our ground people.

[thanks Liz and S]

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