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Super typhoon Haiyan dubbed the strongest storm in history hits the Phillipines [pics]
Posted by on Nov 8th, 2013

Ya that headline is rather dramatic, but meteorologists are calling tropical storm Haiyan definitely the strongest storm in the last three decades and a few have boldly gone on to say it’s the strongest in history. Maximum wind speeds are already more than any storm recorded previously. Super typhoon Haiyan has made landfall over the Phillipines and if you want a quick reference as to it’s magnitude then compare it to hurricane Katrina that devastated the US. Katrina had maximum wind speeds of 265km/h while weather experts are clocking Haiyan’s top wind speed at 313km/h.

This is what super typhoon Haiyan is looking like over the Phillipines from weather satellites.


And here’s images from the same weather satellite comparing it to hurricane Katrina.

Katrina at it’s peak as a category 5 hurricane.

And Haiyan as a super typhoon from yesterday.

“The super typhoon (is) likely made landfall with winds near 195mph (313kph). This makes Haiyan the strongest tropical cyclone (typhoon) on record to make landfall,” said Jeff Masters, a hurricane expert and director of meteorology at U.S.-based Weather Underground, as the storm approached the South-East Asian country.  [Telegraph]

More than 12 million people are at risk and millions have already fled to higher ground.

Safety to all of them.

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