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Prank Twitter account mistakes real SA crime photo for Halloween joke [pic]
Posted by on Oct 31st, 2013

You know those Twitter accounts that post funny pics or mindblowing facts…there are quite a few like the popular UberFacts. Well one of them with nearly a million followers, @OMGFunniest,  tweeted an image a few days ago of a terrifying Halloween prank that caused public panic. Well turns out the image wasn’t a Halloween prank, but a picture of an actual criminal in South Africa from 2008.

Given that it’s not a prank i’ve blurred out some of the graphic bits for you sensitive viewers, but you can click the image if you wanna see the unblurred image.

And here’s the news story from 2008 explaining what really happened.

“A man who attempted to break into the East London Museum got more than he bargained for when he impaled himself on a security fence.

While trying to escape the scene he ended up with one of the fence’s sharp metal spikes up his bottom.

The incident happened about midnight on Wednesday, said the museum’s senior administration officer, Rod Botha. The museum’s glass door was smashed when someone tried to get inside, which then triggered the alarm, he explained.” [iol]

Now you know.

October 10, 2013 at 9:59 am

That looks rather ANAL …

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