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The Jean Pant Criminals are now training together in jeans…these two spotted in CT [pic]
Posted by on Oct 23rd, 2013

Sigh..looks like not a week is gonna go by without someone spotting the f**kery of working out while wearing jeans in gyms across South Africa. The more we shake our heads the more jean pant criminals seem to surface. When the phenomenon first arose a few years back it was a rare occurance and now…well stab me in the eyes with a rusty blunt fork covered in Tabasco it’s now become more than just a few isolated incidents. Our efforts to eradicate the practise by pointing fingers and laughing may be in vain.

Case in point…the jean pant criminals are no longer lone operatives. They are now teaming up and working out together. In jeans.

jean pant criminals

Very brave reader took that pic from the front. Risky..especially considering the size of our chap on the left there in the faded baggy jeans variety.

Neither specimens are rare though as we’ve previously seen the tank top with jeans combo and the faded baggies. Unlike last week’s specimen that was the first ever example of a JPC training in jeans accessorized with a stylish man bag.

Go have a look at all the previous entries into the Jean Pant Criminal Hall of Shame HERE.

There are dozens now.

[thanks Bjorn]

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