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My 30 Day Cipla Nutrition Summer Challenge is over…here’s the results [after pic]
Posted by on Oct 21st, 2013

Ok for those of you who weren’t following…on the 18th of September i hestitantly started my Cipla Nutrition 30 Day Summer Challenge HERE. If you don’t wanna click on the link then basically my plan was to go on a diet and exercise regime to see how much weight and body fat i could lose within 30 days. The key criteria would be that i would not eat any refined sugars and other carbs, have absolutely no alcohol and also cut out artificial sweetener like diet soda etc. All that combined with exercise and the help of Cipla Nutrition products to see what could be achieved in 30 days hey. Essentially a health experiment given the current belief that carbs are the enemy and what not.

Well the challenge is over and besides the expected weight loss and improvement in body image there were some surprising highlights. For starters it was a lot easier to stop drinking alcohol than giving up refined sugar. Who woulda thought hey.

Now before i go into the results bit i wanna tell you some of the stand out changes i experienced. Here’s the bit i tell you also that there were  few days where i cracked and had carbs. Beer one time then sweets and chocolates on another occasion, but i’m glad i did because it gave me a chance to compare. The next day after the sugar binge i felt bloated, lethargic and craving more.

Another thing that was clearly evident was that the lack of carbs and alcohol made me sleep like a baby. No more restless tossing and turning.

I did have veggies and fruit in the first 20 days and surprise surprise i actually started enjoying the vegetables. Even had cauliflower mash several times. Something i would have avoided in the past. Taste and smell definitely improved.

Ok enough blah blahing. Here’s a comparison of how my stats changed in a month…i went from 76kgs to 72kgs and my body fat dropped from 14.3% to 10.6%. I didn’t do as much cardio as i would have liked, but in the end at least you can see some hint of abs.

No photoshop, no filters, no lighting tricks or tanning and oil tricks to make me the results stand out more. Even the makeshift black blanket background is the same. I really should change that though. My sh*t looks ghetto.

But hey at least i’m honest.

A few other folks started the same challenge when i did and their results are way better than mine. They were more strict and didn’t crack at all. Props to them.

Given the positive effects of not having any refined sugars i think i’m gonna avoid them in future. Alcohol not so much.

And hopefully Cipla Nutrition can organise some more of these products. The LipoBlast MX definitely helped with appetite control and assisting in making my fat cry.

Click on that for closer inspection.

Special thanks to Cipla Nutrition and also to crossfit king Alan Foulis and Steve Newman helping out and training me. May have to continue asking for help and motivation to get ready for summer.

October 10, 2013 at 2:46 pm

CONGRATULATIONS ! You must be relieved it’s over …

Abby says:
October 10, 2013 at 2:46 pm

Looks really good. Definitely going to try that cauliflower mash.

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