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Banksy joins Instagram…and in other news so have I [pics]
Posted by on Oct 17th, 2013

Famously elusive British street-artist-graffiti-social-commentator-next-level-doodle-wallscribbler, Banksy, has finally joined social media. Well that’s what folks are saying anyway with this Instagram account bearing his name and featuring his recent works in NY.

Banksy apparently joined Instagram after i did. Co-incidence? I think not. Dude totally copied my sh*t.

banksy social media

Pffftt…some stencil graffiti on a wall that.

I also joined Instagram and look at the sunset in Cape Town i posted 2 days ago.

Ya..clearly i have a thing for sunsets and sunrays shining through the clouds.

I don’t post pics very often, but follow me if you like cats or coffee pics.

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