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New rich list names Allan Gray as richest South African – worth $8.5 billion
Posted by on Oct 14th, 2013

Most South Africans will be familiar with the Oppenheimer’s, the Ruperts and Christo Wiese as the wealthiest people in the country and on the African continent. A new richest-people-in-Africa list though lists Allan Gray as SA’s wealthiest person…by a long way, with an estimated wealth of $8.5 billion. The list compiled by African Ventures puts Gray (the owner of asset management firm Allan Gray..ya the one with the rad black and white tv ads) as the second richest man in Africa behind Nigeria’s Aliko Dangote who has a fortune worth $20.2 billion.

richest south african

As mentioned in the description there, Allan Gray is rather media shy and hasn’t featured on the traditional richest people in the world lists like Forbes etc.

South Africans Nicky Oppenheimer, Johann Rupert and Christo Wiese all made the top 10 in the African Ventures list. The rest are mainly from Nigeria and one from Swaziland and Egypt.

Check the full list HERE.

Rene says:
October 10, 2013 at 11:07 am

They are all married. That list is worthless.

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