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Seal ‘balancing’ on the nose of a Great White shark off Cape Town goes viral [pic]
Posted by on Oct 11th, 2013

So i saw this pic a few days ago, but as a Cape Town local i just shrugged my shoulders and went meh. The rest of the world though thinks it’s amazing and the image has made some headlines. Just google it. Plenty of those headlines include a reference to the seal ‘balancing’ on the nose of a great white off the coast of Cape Town. Ok now while i’ll admit the seal got lucky, the word ‘balancing’ implies some intention on the seals behalf and that it used that some skill or tactic to evade being captured.

Oh please…there is no balancing here. If that seal could talk i bet at that moment he is saying “the f**k is happening??!!!”

seal balancing on shark nose

Absolutely no attempt to deliberately avoid being eaten there. Nope. None.

Shark missed and seal got lucky.

Seal is now swimming around telling all his seal buddies at the seal bar how he saw jaws approach from the depths and skillfully did a half twist barrell roll to balance like a ballet dancer on the tip of sharks nose before doing a backflip to escape unscathed while shouting ‘next time suckkkkkerrrr”.

He regrets not looking at the cameraman on the boat and smiling though.

October 10, 2013 at 7:17 am


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