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3 new jean pant criminals spotted training in cutoffs, skinny jeans and i dunno wtf that is [pics]
Posted by on Oct 2nd, 2013

Right…it’s been a long and rainy winter in Cape Town, but recently we’ve experienced a few magic days of warm weather. Warm enough for  guys to put on tshirts and the ladies to finally rock some short shorts or a dress. Unfortunately the warmer temperatures also seem to bring out the crazy in some folks and the jean pant criminals this past week have resurfaced  in full force from their hibernation. Three were spotted in less than a week training at gyms in various forms of jeans.

It’s not even proper summer yet and already the f**kery is intensifying.

First up we have a toppie rocking some faded cut-offs. Not jean pant shorts…according to the reader these were full length jean pant that the guy cut in to shorts. Don’t often see that type of dedication hey.

Hands on hips for added effect. Well played.

Next we have your standard skinny jean doing some chest machine. Our chap didn’t bother mixing it up with some gym shoes…went straight with the Converse takkies look. A first i think.

At least he used a towel. A considerate jean pant criminal that one.

And finally…a reader spotted this guy yesterday training at a gym in Cape Town. He’s unsure if those are actually jeans only that they were really tight and the dude was wearing some massive boots rolled down.

No dude. No.

If things carry on like this we may see a jean pant criminal epidemic in South Africa this summer.

[thanks Mr G, David and Anon]

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