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Crazy footage of biker road rage vs a guy in a Range Rover [video]
Posted by on Oct 1st, 2013

Headcam footage of a motorbike rally in New York captured several bikers assaulting a guy in a Range Rover after one of them cut him off and he ran into the back wheel of the bike. The guy in the Range Rover (who had his wife and young child in the vehicle) was quickly surrounded and in an attempt to get away he drove over several bikers and bikes. A high speed chase ensues with bikers catching up to the Range Rover, smash the windows and attack the driver.

road rage

They even smashed the back window where the kid was sitting. They slashed the tires as well to stop him from driving away.

Reports say several bikers beat the driver leaving him with black eyes and facial lacerations.

[via Huffington Post]

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