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Elon Musk expects his Tesla company to roll out a self-driving car by 2016
Posted by on Sep 19th, 2013

Move over Google…SA born billionaire, Elon ‘Tony Stark’ Musk, is currently on the hunt for an autonomous driving engineer and stated that he expects his Tesla motor company to roll out a self-driving car as early as 2016. The Pretoria born founder of Paypal, SpaceX and Tesla mentioned on Twitter and in an interview recently that he’s aiming to put a driver-less vehicle on the road within the next 3 years.

self driving car

Musk told the Financial Times that the car won’t be fully on auto-pilot, but that 90 percent of control would be handled by the vehicles computer system and that Fully autonomous cars would take longer to develop.

“The self-driving car would be developed in-house using Tesla’s own technology, not that of another company, Musk said in comments confirmed by a Tesla spokesperson.

Tesla’s online job board currently has a post for an Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Controls Engineer, who will be responsible for helping “Tesla’s effort to pioneer fully automated driving.” [Reuters]

Not bad for a Pretoria boychie hey.

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Those are some ugly shoes right there.

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