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Epic non-stop run from Pretoria to Cape Town – Alzheimer’s Memorial Challenge
Posted by on Sep 6th, 2013

Ok listen up folks…it’s not often i make a call for your support, but gonna need you fine folks to get behind a great challenge for a worthy cause. It involves my mates as well so any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. On 13 September a group of 6 runners are gonna run all the way from Pretoria to Cape Town…non-stop. Approximately 1700km over eight days. Never been done before. The inaugural Alzheimer’s Memorial Challenge will be led by Chad Meihuizen (you met him a while back in an interview HERE) to raise awareness and provide funding for Alzheimer’s South Africa.

Did you get the non-stop part?

Yes..that means no hotels, no resting…just 6 runners  in relay for 8 days. One person always on the road.

How epic is that hey.

Go follow developments on the Facebook page HERE and keep tabs on things on Twitter HERE.

alzheimers memorial challenge

Lank far that.

Ok so besides following and supporting the challenge here’s how you can help.

Next week on Wednesday 11 September there is an auction taking place a Club 31. Starts at 7pm till late and your R100 will go towards the Alzheimer’s Memorial Challenge and Alzheimer’s SA. You’ll get canapes and entry into a draw to win some cool prizes. I’m told there are gonna be plenty of amazing items up for auction, some sport stars, celebrities and awesome people being awesome.

Gonna be a rad evening so get involved and spread the word.

See you there.

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