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SA diamond set to break auction record – expected to sell above R287 million
Posted by on Sep 5th, 2013

An SA diamond the size of an egg and which Sotheby’s describes as “the greatest white diamond ever to appear at auction” will go under the hammer in NY on October 7th and is expected to fetch more than R287 million. Sotheby’s declined to say where the diamond originated other than Southern Africa (but lets claim it for now shall we) and the 118 carat flawless-colored diamond is expected to sell between $28 and $35 million. 

118 carat diamond

Ohhh look a shiny stone that’s really hard.

“The remarkable diamond is the size of an egg, says Chin Yeow Quek, the chairman of Sotheby’s jewelry division in Asia. It is expected to sell for between $28 million to $35 million, which would be the highest price for a white diamond, topping the the 101.73 D-Flawless Winston Legacy’s $26.7 million record set in May at Christie’s.The oval stone originated from a 299 ct. rough, which was found in Southern Africa in 2011. The winner will get “naming rights” to the stone; most of the stones of this size have been named” [JCK]

Still don’t get why diamonds are so expensive.

Wonder who the seller is?

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