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SA print ad for Flora margarine removed for being homophobic [pic]
Posted by on Sep 4th, 2013

Plenty of award winning and clever advertising out there, but every now and then ad agencies don’t get it exactly right and are forced to admit it wasn’t the greatest strategy. Case in point…the latest Flora margarine ad from a South Africa agency that has been scrapped after it was labelled as homophobic.

The ad shows a bullet with the words ‘Uhhh Dad I’m Gay’ flying towards a porcelain heart with the tagline ‘You need a strong heart today’.

homophobic flora ad

Not so sure about how that is overtly homophobic hey. Ya now before you get your panties in a bunch hear me out. A tad controversial and provocative maybe yes, but i’m not seeing the homophobic part.

I’m more offended that they are claiming that Flora margarine will make your heart stronger.

Anyways…Unilever have removed the ad.

“Anglo-Dutch food and cosmetics giant Unilever on Tuesday said it had it had removed an “offensive” advert for a popular margarine brand in South Africa after it was condemned as homophobic. “ [iol]

Now that i think about it..the ad agency may have known all along what they were doing and expected the controversy. They generated debate and capitalised on the free advertising. In that case well played ad people.

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