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City of Cape Town bans ball sports from Clifton beach…so what
Posted by on Sep 4th, 2013

Ok so i’ve seen a whole bunch of people up in arms complaining because the City Of Cape Town has banned ball sports from a Clifton beach…not all the beaches, just Clifton 4th beach. The one that has the most people on it during summer and the one least likely to actually have people playing volley ball or soccer or rugby on it. What is the big deal here folks? Why the drama because you can’t play ball sports. There are 3 other beaches you can go play on (ok two actually since they play a different kind of ball sport on Clifton 3rd) with way more space. It’s actually pretty simple really…the city figured that since Clifton 4th is the busiest out of the Clifton beaches, space is a factor and a volleyball court or soccer/touch rugby area takes up substantial space. And the more people on the beach means the greater the chance someone sunbathing will end up getting a ball or sand kicked on them. Happens all the time and it’s annoying.

I’m a volleyball player and while i understand the frustration i don’t see why you can’t go play on the other beaches. In fact, instead of whining why don’t you get the City Of Cape Town to make designated areas on for ball sports on Clifton 1st or better yet…get them to ammend the absolutely stupid law that permits only 2 volleyball courts at the one end of Camps Bay.

banned ball sports

Not sure what the rule is about beach bats though. They include a ball, but is that banned from Clifton 4th as well?

“Ward councillor Beverley Schafer told the newspaper there had been “ongoing problems” of formalised volleyball and other games, during and outside the beach’s blue flag status, with big corporate competitions monopolising much of the space.

Schafer said the city would demarcate a formal ball playing area on Camps Bay.

The move to provide clearer signs about restricted activities at Clifton has been welcomed by the Clifton Bungalows’ Association. ” [News24]

People need to calm their sh*t.

Have other more pressing issues to deal with…like controlling the ridiculous rise of the price of grandilla lollies on Clifton and Camps Bay.

Jagter says:
September 09, 2013 at 7:17 am

Ha, I hear you about the grandilla lollie price issue.

The last time I bought one the price almost made me walk up the stairs, find my car, drive to the shop, come back, find parking, walk down the steps, but then I just shelled out.

The bastards know it, and nail me every time.

September 09, 2013 at 7:17 am

I think it’s a great idea ! Clifton 4th gets extremely full in Summer … Why relax on the beach with some odd moment – a ball gets thrown your way … by accident or whatever…

Brancile says:
September 09, 2013 at 7:17 am

Is there any volleyball games played at the moment? Just a social thing, want to relinquish my volleyball days. Haven’t played for a while and haven’t played in Cape Town.

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