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Luckiest driver of the year avoids being crushed by massive boulder [video]
Posted by on Sep 2nd, 2013

If there is an award for narrowly escaping death from being being crushed by a gigantic boulder then this driver in China has it in the bag. Footage captured over the weekend shows a dashboard camera filming an enormous boulder rolling down a hill and very nearly tipping over onto a car.

And when i say enormous i really mean it was a gigantic ass boulder and when i say it nearly tipped over onto the car i mean it came this close…

close call

Here’s the footage.

Bet you the road wasn’t the only place they found skidmarks.

Luckiest driver of the year contender right there.

September 09, 2013 at 8:38 am


I got shivers when I watched that video…

WOW that person is really really really really LUCKY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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