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Another beauty pageant contestant turned into a blubbering mess on stage [video]
Posted by on Aug 27th, 2013

Another beauty pageant contestant has had a spectacular meltdown trying to answer the all important judges question. Back in June we watched as Miss Utah gave the most cringe-worthy answer this year HERE, but she may have been relieved of her title because Joanlia Lising at the 2013 Miss Philippines USA two weeks ago, mouthfarted this answer when asked which one of the 5 senses is her favourite.

Brace yourself…the fairy godmother spinkled her with so much cringe-dust her brain broke at least 3 times.

Unfair to be laughing at her though..i think maybe she was trying to rap her answer.

Well played Joanlia..that was outstanding. If i was a judge i woulda stood up and slowclapped your magic.

You have now joined the ranks of Miss Utah and Miss Venezuela who shoulda won Miss Universe 2012 because of her equally cringeworthy answer HERE.

Good times.

Jagter says:
August 08, 2013 at 7:58 am

I still don’t understand why they insist on asking the contestants all sorts of questions.

Is it a beauty pageant, or a quiz show? Who gives a shit what miss x or y thinks about the flying ant issue in East Timor. Does she look good in a bikini? That is the question.

Granted, this specific question wasn’t the trickiest one.

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