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Only 40 people watched Brandy perform at 90 000 capacity FNB Stadium
Posted by on Aug 22nd, 2013

Don’t think Brandy will be coming back to perform in South Africa again after reports that her performance was watched by only 40 people at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg over the weekend. The stadium has a capacity 90 000, but the R&B singer ended up taking the stage with less than 50 people watching…she walked off after 2 songs.

Apparently nobody at the Mandela Sports day event on Saturday stayed after the soccer and rugby games and by the time Brandy took the stage there was no more than 40 people watching with all the lights on and even the live television broadcast was cut before she started singing.

brandy singer

The embarrassing situation was reported to be because few people knew she was the guest performer.

“Brandy’s last performance may not have been exactly what she signed up for.

The R&B singer was the guest performer at FNB stadium in South Africa on Saturday for Mandela Sports and Culture Day—but she wasn’t given the warmest welcome. The venue, which holds 90,000 people, was almost empty as soon as she hit the stage despite being filled with people throughout the day.” [E!Online]

Maybe the organisers shoulda told people hey.

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