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Nelson Mandela now has his own social network [pic]
Posted by on Aug 20th, 2013

Nelson Mandela is without a doubt the greatest man alive today and while the legend has accomplished so much in his lifetime i doubt he would have ever predicted he would one day have his own social network. Now before you start throwing around comparisons to Facebook lemme just tell you that the new social network was started by…two of Mandela’s grandsons. Don’t roll your eyes just yet because the network aims to emulate the apartheid icon’s positive impact on the world by allowing users to share inspirational thoughts and pictures. Ok now maybe you can roll your eyes.

Here’s the login page.

mandela is

And this is what your homepage will look like.

Didn’t spend much time on it so can’t tell you much apart from the company that it was set up by the company who created Lady Gaga’s online site

“It’s a social network around the inspiration my grandfather gave to the world,” said Ndaba Mandela, 30.

“People can share what Mandela inspired them to do, to give back to their communities.”  Few people today command the same global adoration as Mandela, 95, who for many embodies peace and forgiveness.”[TimesLIVE]

Now you know.

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