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Friday music post: Wintersleep – Weighty Ghost [video]
Posted by on Aug 16th, 2013

Ok so i havn’t done a Friday morning music post in a while and this week i decided it’s time to finally move away from the old school rock live performances that have been a staple over the past few years. You can see a round up of all the songs featured in 2012 HERE…it is an epic playlist i wont lie. All the songs are instantly recognisable and i deliberately chose the live performances because why they are awesome examples of real music. Sadly though there are only so many classic performances and it’s become rather difficult finding new ones so hence the decision to move along hey. It’s obvious that I’m pretty set in my musical tastes so it’s fitting that i get someone to school me on whats what and who better to show me the way than you fine folks. So from now on i’m gonna crowd source the Friday morning music post in a bid to discover some new music that you send me. Two weeks ago i got introduced to the awesome Imagine Dragons HERE and this week i recieved a whole bunch of rad suggestions. I ended up choosing Wintersleep, a Canadian indie rock band…i think you’ll like them.

Here’s Wintersleep singing Weighty Ghost.

Nice and chilled..i like it.

What did you think?

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Get involved.

[thanks Brad]

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