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Amusing Gumtree ad of the day – Wynberg man selling half of cheating wife’s bed [pic]
Posted by on Aug 14th, 2013

Now we all know that online classifieds Gumtree has some odd items for sale, but every now and then an ad gets some extra attention like this one i spotted yesterday via @ChristopherM . Like all the best ones in the past it’s no doubt a fake, but amusing none-the-less. The one currently doing the rounds involves a man from Wynberg selling his half of a bed belonging to his cheating wife. The same ad first cropped up in 2011 on an urban legend site, but let’s pretend you have never seen it so you can forward it to your mates for sh*ts and giggles hey.


Worth a smile on a slow day.

Anyways…there have been a few Gumtree ads in the past that have ended up on Life is Savage and if you wanna keep laughing then try Jo’burg guy on Gumtree is looking for a midget to kick his ex-girlfriend in the shins or When posting a Gumtree ad…make sure your naked boob is not visible [pic] or Someone is selling the Clifton stranded ship on Gumtree for R2 million [pic] orThis Vredehoek flat for rent on Gumtree is gansta yo [pic] or the old classic ‘no guy-on-guy stuff’ Wingman wanted!!: 2 bedroom flat.

Good times.

[thanks Chris]

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