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Fake Shark Week footage of mega shark from South Africa causes outrage [video]
Posted by on Aug 6th, 2013

So Discovery Channel’s Shark Week kicked off on Monday and it immediately caused viewers to call bullsh*t and say the channel lied to viewers for a documentary claiming that an ancient 50 foot shark called the Megalodon might be alive today. Shark Week fans and even Discover Magazine voiced their anger that some of the documentary footage was faked…in particular the photo supposedly taken off the South African coast in April 2013.

fake megalodon

Ya that’s a photoshop fail right there.

“Viewers have rallied around the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week for decades over its unabashed love of science and its glorification of violent sea creatures. But this year’s event, which kicked off last night with the documentary Megalodon: The Monster Shark That Lives, may have committed a cardinal sin: lying to viewers about sharks.” [The Verge]

And here’s the footage that caused all the drama.

The ‘documentary’ so upset actor Wil Wheadon that he called for an apology from the Discovery Channel.

“Last night, Discovery Channel betrayed that trust during its biggest viewing week of the year. Discovery Channel isn’t run by stupid people, and this was not some kind of mistake. Someone made a deliberate choice to present a work of fiction that is more suited for the SyFy channel as a truthful and factual documentary. That is disgusting, and whoever made that decision should be ashamed.” [source]

Sidenote…If you look at the footage of the whale on the beach in the begining of the video tat they say is in Hawaii, doesnt it look more like Noordhoek beach?

If i remember correctly there was a a film crew and a massive fake whale spotted on Noordhoek last year…mmmmmmm.

UPDATE: @ConCornelissen sent in this pic of Noordhoek for comparison.

Ya..Hawaii my ass…thats totally Noordhoek beach.

AMG133 says:
August 08, 2013 at 2:34 pm

What idiots.

Bianca says:
August 08, 2013 at 2:34 pm

First Megalodons are alive then Sharknado!!!! What next?! “HurriCanine”?… “White Sharks CAN Jump”?… “VelociRapture”?..

Robi27 says:
August 08, 2013 at 2:34 pm

Okay, I know the footage is fake but:

a) How cool would it be if the Megalodon WAS alive?

b) If a massive shark ripped the tail off of that “whale”, why would it not eat the rest? And why is there ZERO blood?

c) That music is SUPER dramatic. All the lol.

August 08, 2013 at 2:34 pm

Definitely looks like Noordhoek Beach.

I agree with Robi27 – why didn’t the Megalodon eat the entire whale ? What’s the point of eating just the tail ? Unless ofcourse, some massive wave brought the entire whale in BEFORE the Megalodon could eat the rest (definitely a possibility)…

Anyhow… I’m not impressed that the footage was faked…

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