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88 meter superyacht with SA connections goes on sale for R3 billion [pic]
Posted by on Jul 29th, 2013

If you happen to win one of those big overseas lotto’s then sorry for you…you will probably not even have enough to splash out on the 88 meter superyacht Nirvana which has sparked a bidding war between billionaires. Its gone on sale for £200 million or just a few rand short of R3 billion. And there is even a South African connection…it was built by Oceanco, founded in 1987 when a group of South African private investors under the guidance of then CEO, Richard Hein, began yacht-building operations, with the hulls and superstructures built in Durban.

And what will a R3 billion superyacht get you…well for starters the six deck juggernaught has a reptile house. Perfect if you’re the South American druglord type.


And here’s as video of you what you will never likely get to see in real life.


[via Mail Online]

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