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Life is Savage is once again off to Canada…here’s what you can expect [pics]
Posted by on Jul 15th, 2013

It’s that time of year again when Life is Savage  migrates to Montreal, Canada. It’s my other home while the sun decides to hibernate during the Cape Town winter so ill be leaving on jet plane in a few hours.

You will still be getting your dose of the good times on a daily basis though unless i’m at a lake in the middle of nowhere catching fish and hunting bears with my bare hands. Amazingly they have internet access over there..who would thought hey.

And since im on Twitter HERE…i’ll still be able to keep tabs on you fine people while i’m away. It’s like i’ll be there right next to your phone close to your person..just a few inches away from your happy bits.


And since many of you are new readers you won’t have been seen some of the pics from my previous trips over the last few years so here’s a little taste of what the peoples of Canadia throw out.


They take their pets for walks like regular folk.


Their ‘authentic’ African restaurants have some interesting food on the menu.


They also have racist morons that can’t spell properly.


No photoshop involved..that pick-up truck is the biggest bakkie i’ve ever seen.


Canadian hipsters are next level. Yes those are jeans with one leg inside out. Pocket and everything.


Even the veggies are supersized. How big is that onion.


They even have some jeanpant criminals running around.

Yep..that’s what you can expect while i’m there..unless of course i’m here. At the lake house. Then i will be catching bass on that very canoe in crystal clear water. Shame.


So i’m not really gonna say goodbye because you’ll be hearing from me again in a few days after the 26 hour flight.


Daddy loves you.

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