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New Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer – it looks awesome [video]
Posted by on Jul 10th, 2013

Since it’s Wednesday and you can expect posts involving alcohol, childish humour and girls i may as well start things off with some gaming news and the new Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer which was revealed yesterday. Most of you GTA fans will know that the previous game in the series is by all accounts the highest rated console game of all time. Well it may not be for much longer because come September 17 it may be dethroned by GTA V. Set in the massive landscape of Southern California you will be taking control of 3 main characters pulling off increasingly difficult heists and in between…well inbetween you can do pretty much whatever the f**k you want. Round of golf, customising your cars, shopping, scubadiving, basejumping or go hunting in the wild. You can even go do yoga. Or if that doesn’t interest you then you can just go back to the standard…picking up hookers.

The switching players part looks like a game changer.

Can’t wait.

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