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We found #RedTieGuy and his story and dream for SA is awesome [video]
Posted by on Jul 4th, 2013

Remember the other day when i posted the video HERE of the kid in the red tie standing behind President Barack Obama during his speech at UCT. Social media networks quickly picked up on his enthusiastic clapping and uncontrollable smiling and dubbed him #redtieguy. He practically stole Obama’s thunder with many wondering who he was. Well wonder no more because i found him and his story is awesome. Meet Mikhail Hendricks, born and raised in extreme poverty in rural South Africa, his hunger to learn and succeed got him to Cape Town where he charmed Michelle Obama in 2011 with his dream for South Africa…and what a dream it is.

Watch this.


red tie guy

What a rad story hey…hope he goes far.

Go follow him and say hi on Twitter @DukeofCapeTown.

[thanks @Kaapie_Girl]

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