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Twitter now tracks where you go on the web – here’s how to turn it off
Posted by on Jul 4th, 2013

It’s no secret that certain applications and browsers watch your online movement so that they can target ads better. Twitter has been experimenting with it for a while, but now have made it official. Twitter announced yesterday it is planning to track your movements on the interwebs even when you leave Twitter.

But they at least gave you the option to opt-out and disable the tracking.


You need to uncheck those two boxes and here’s how.

  • login to Twitter
  • go to Settings  (it’s one of the options under that cog in the top right corner)
  • uncheck the boxes that say Personalization and Promoted content

That pic above is a screenshot from my account and since i have my browser Do Not Track turned on it has automatically unchecked the boxes. Most new browsers have that option and if you havn’t enabled it then go look it up. If you’re on Firefox then go to Tools, Options and then Privacy. The top box saying ‘Tell sites that i do not want to be tracked’ should be ticked.

Anyways here’s the Twitter post from yesterday.

“How does this work? Let’s say a local florist wants to advertise a Valentine’s Day special on Twitter. They’d prefer to show their ad to flower enthusiasts who frequent their website or subscribe to their newsletter. To get the special offer to those people who are also on Twitter, the shop may share with us a scrambled, unreadable email address (a hash) or browser-related information (a browser cookie ID). We can then match that information to accounts in order to show them a Promoted Tweet with the Valentine’s Day deal. This is how most other companies handle this practice, and we don’t give advertisers any additional user information.” [Twitter]

Now you know.

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