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  • Russian tampon ad shot in Cape Town is going viral [video]
    Posted by on Jun 20th, 2013

    UPDATE: turns out it’s not a real ad and just a hoax to promote Movie 43. My bad hey, but at least it was filmed in Cape Town and has a SA model in it hey.

    Several people have sent me this today and i may as well throw it in before you leave work hey. It was released 3 months ago, but is going viral again after being posted on LiveLeak and a few other big websites yesterday. It’s a Russian tampon commercial, but it was filmed in Cape Town (ok Langebaan) and stars my homegirl Elbe van der Merwe getting eaten by a shark.

    Check it.

    Ha..nicely done Elbe.

    tampax shark ad

    [thanks @hothtrooper @CmpsBayBeerPong and everyone else who sent it to me]

    [thanks for the update@Dslartibartfast]

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