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South Africa not on Xbox One-supported countries list, so no Xbox One for SA
Posted by on Jun 18th, 2013

So i’ve already mentioned previously that the ridiculous new Xbox One requirements have pretty much pissed off most Xbox fans and now comes the news that South Africa wasn’t included in the list of 21 countries that will support the new console set to launch in November 2013. On the official Xbox One website it lists one of the requirements to pre-order the console is that you will need an “account on Xbox Live in an Xbox One-supported Xbox Live country”. SA is not on the list…and sources say it may not be included till ‘late 2014′.

Well done’ve pretty much just convinced Xbox players in SA to get a PlayStation 4.

The only good news is that while it may not be available in SA at launch…support will likely be added at a later date, but who wants to wait a year. Especially considering that the even if you did get your hands on an Xbox One, you’d need a constant internet connection, you won’t be able to swap or trade games and it will cost you $100 more than the PS4.

“Wording such as “Requires account on Xbox Live in an Xbox One-supported Xbox Live country” and “Xbox One games are for activation and distribution only in specified geographic regions” have been interpreted by some to mean that the Xbox One will impose strict limitations on how it can be used around the world. It appears that the console will not fully work in regions where it has not been officially released.” [Verge]

Oh well.

Anyone got a PS3 for me.

@Leightz_SA says:
June 06, 2013 at 8:44 am

Thats more good news than anything. I dont see myself getting a PS4, and this glorified tv remote not being “compatible” in RSA gives me more reason to stay with my 360 and enjoy the thousands of Rands worth of games I have, instead of having to discard of them (no back compatibility).

Also, by the time the Xbox One is avail in RSA some changes would probably have been made.

tl;dr i wasnt planning on buying the Xbox one for about a year anyways

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