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Electronic surveillance by government is far worse in SA than the US
Posted by on Jun 14th, 2013

So there is huge drama in the US over a secret electronic surveillance programme called, PRISM, that was leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Basically US citizens are outraged that federal judges signed off on the programme in 2007 that allowed the National Security Agency to electronically monitor individuals without their knowledge by gaining access to the servers of nine major companies like like Google, Apple, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo and Microsoft. They can intercept calls, images, emails, photos etc….pretty much anything you send someone online. The whole ‘Big Brother is Watching You’ thing is rather disturbing, but if you thought US citizens have it bad then think again pal…. South Africa government spying is worse.

Unlike in the US, where the NSA is supposedly expressly prohibited from using its reach to spy on US citizens, local provisions are expressly intended to be used by the government to spy on South Africans.

spying SA

According to the Mail & Guardian, South Africans face far greater government scrutiny of their private communications.

” What most people outside the industry do not know is that Rica also deals with lawful interception. One element of lawful interception is so-called ‘live’ interception. This is where calls, emails, web sessions and other communication are forwarded to the Office of Interception Centres pursuant to a warrant so that the content of the communication is available.” [More HERE]

Ya hey…Groot boet is watching you wena.

[via M&G]

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