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PlayStation 4 revealed – used games allowed, no internet connection required and $100 cheaper than Xbox One
Posted by on Jun 11th, 2013

So last night at E3 the new PlayStation 4 was officially revealed and if gaming consoles could fight then the new PS4 just kicked the Xbox One in the ballbag and told it to sit the hell down and shut it’s mouth. Sony dropped such a bombshell that i’m pretty sure a bunch of Xbox fans, including myself, immediately contemplated getting a PlayStation 4 when the two consoles hit shelves later in the year. To cut a long story short…the new PlayStation 4 will allow you to share, trade and resell your games…it won’t require a constant internet connection and it will be $100 cheaper than the Xbox One.

If you didn’t know…controversially the Xbox One does not support sharing of games (each game can be ‘given’ to someone else only once but then you don’t own it and they can’t give it back to you), requires users to connect to the internet every 24 hours in order to let you play games on your primary console and every hour on another console ie. you wont be able to play without it always being connected to the internet .

Anyways..let’s not talk about the Xbox One f**kery anymore, here’s what the PS4 looks like.

Not exactly a huge change from the current PS3, but’s the features that ultimately dictate what people will buy hey.

“the turning point of the conference was the first and most damaging of several body-blows to Microsoft, which came when Jack Tretton returned to stage and said without a trace of ambiguity that the PlayStation 4 will support lending, trading, reselling, and indeed playing your games on your console in pretty much the same way as we have been since they came on floppy discs. No DRM, no restrictions, no online requirements, and no authentication. If anyone still thought that this was a minor issue for gamers, the reaction to that news will surely have disabused them of that assumption” [IGN]

Seriously..that’s massive.

And nothing sums it better than this video.

Microsoft better fix that Xbox One sh*t. And pronto.

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