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SA man from Brakpan keeps two tigers…in his house [pic + video]
Posted by on Jun 10th, 2013

Ok so i wasn’t gonna post this, but it reminded of a stand up comedy routine from Carlos Mencia making fun of those Vegas performers Sigfried and Roy who were attacked by tigers a few years back. Anyways…some guy in Brakpan is making news in the UK for adopting two pet tigers and letting them chill in his house.

Ya hey…it’s all fun and games till someone loses an arm.

Michael Jamison already had a 150kg Bengal tiger in his home, but recently adopted a seven month old Siberian tiger named Ozzy. This to along with his 15 dogs.

Ok so the new tiger was rescued from a family who neglected it and while Jamison’s intentions are admirable i can’t help but wonder if this is such a wise idea hey.

“A South African man loves tigers so much he has has adopted two of the magnificent animals.

Animal-mad Michael Jamison and his girlfriend Jackie share their home in Brakpan, near Johannesburg, with 15 dogs and two-year-old Bengal tiger Enzo.

But now there is a new addition to the family – seven month old Siberian tiger Ozzy.” [more and pics HERE]

And here’s the standup comedy routine from Carlos Mencia about why you shouldn’t keep tigers as pets or show animals.

WARNING – it’s rather offensive and he swears. A lot.

Don’t play with tigers!

Gibbz says:
June 06, 2013 at 9:59 am

The ultimate alarm system.

June 06, 2013 at 9:59 am

I think that he is a legend for having the guts to own such a beautiful animal.

Besides if he trains them correctly, they would not harm anyone.

A pet will listen to its owner.

He can also have proper signage outside his house “I have a pet tiger … beware”

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