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Let’s be the generation that ends drunk driving in SA
Posted by on Jun 7th, 2013

Ok listen up folks…a while back i told you about the new Drive Dry campaign and my public declaration to not drink and drive hey. I don’t often get preachy or ask for your help, but this is something that i feel strongly about. I’ve teamed up with Brandhouse and their new initiative to create awareness and ignite a movement to change behaviour on drunk driving in this country and i want all of you to get involved as well. Drive Dry Day is launching on Monday, 1st July and Brandhouse is so confident that we are gonna take this seriously that if they get 3000 pledges to not drink and drive they will donate R60,000 to SADD.

Besides that awesome donation let’s focus for a moment on the stupidity of drinking and driving. As a country we still have that attitude of ‘it won’t happen to me’ and i can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard an obviously drunk person say ‘dude i’m ok to drive…i’ll take the back roads’. This behaviour MUST change.

And it starts with you and I. We can be the generation that changes the South African perception and makes it absolutely unacceptable to drive drunk. How awesome would that be hey.

That hard hitting pic may be in your face, but the harsh reality is that getting arrested for drinking and driving will put you in that exact situation. You will be put into the back of a police van and you will end up in a police cell. FACT. And it could get a lot worse for you. You could end up injuring yourself -or worse- killing a friend or someone elses family. Why risk that? When the obvious solution is so simple. Just don’t drive when you’re drunk. Let’s look out for each other and take responsibilty.

Drive Dry Day ( on the 1st Jul 2013) is the final call to action of the initiative and the aim is to mobilise South Africans and get them to pledge and show their support for our campaign in doing so.  It will run for the month of June and i’m counting on your support to get them to 3000 pledges.

Brandhouse has agreed to donate R20 000 for 1000 pledges, R40 000 for 2000 pledges and R60 000 if 3000 make a declaration to not drink and drive. They already have over 1000 pledges, but let’s not stop there. Lets smash this thing and show everyone that we won’t tolerate drinking and driving anymore.

And it’s so simple. You just click HERE follow the instructions, make a declaration and bam…that’s it. 

And you may even be rewarded for doing so. You could walk away with a R100 Pick n Pay voucher, Kauai or Vida e vouchers or even tickets to the Top Gear festival in Durban. Nearly 400 people have already recieved rewards for making a declaration.

As easy as that.

Now let’s get some momentum going and continue this movement. I’m proud to say that since i’ve started this awareness campaign i’ve convinced my friends to stop drinking and driving.  It hardly took any effort. If your mates refuse to stop drinking and driving then maybe they shouldn’t be your friends.

Get involved.

June 06, 2013 at 1:24 pm

Love the initiative … GOOD LUCK !!


ZARA says:
June 06, 2013 at 1:24 pm

Good one!
Have you seen this one from UK?

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