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Brace yourself – petrol in SA might go up 90c/litre next month
Posted by on Jun 6th, 2013

The price of petrol in SA just went down 8c/litre a few days ago, but the little joy motorists experienced might be short lived because it may go up 90c/litre in July 2013. Yep…if things stay the way are, given the Rand’s crappy four year low against the dollar and the continuing mining unrest, the price of petrol will likely go over R13/litre.

If you were happy a few days ago that the price of petrol went down, then wipe that smile off your face and bend over.

“The under-recovery on 95 octane petrol is currently 86c/l, and 77c/l on diesel. Should this persist until June 28, when the Department of Energy makes its next adjustment, the increase will wipe out this month’s and last month’s reduction of 73c/l. It will also see the price of petrol above the R13/l mark,” [BDlive]

Cue this pic.

SA petrol price increase

According to Automobile Association public affairs director Gary Ronald, “at current levels, the price of petrol might go up by 90c as the department will need to implement a 10c slate levy to adjust for shortfalls in collections.”


[via BDlive]

June 06, 2013 at 8:27 am


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