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Nivea sunscreen magazine ad comes with solar powered cell phone charger [pic]
Posted by on Jun 4th, 2013

Here’s some out-the-box thinking from clever advertising people in Brazil hey. Skin care specialist Nivea released a  sunscreen print ad for magazines that is coupled with a solar panel and a cell phone charging port. So you can spend the day lying in the sun, read a magazine and not worry about the battery of your mobile device dying. The sunscreen ad is obviously aimed at people who spend the day lying in the sun using social media or instant messaging. Nowadays that’s pretty much everyone.

nivea solar powered cell charger

Yep..just pug in your device and leave it it the sun to charge. Clever.

Here’s a video as well explaining the ad.

From the looks of it the charger uses a USB port, but i’m sure you have to bring your own cable with you.

Also i’m guessing Nivea is gonna get flack from the irony brigade for advertising a sun care product yet giving a way for people to spend more time in the sun.

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