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Watch this Kenyan school kid make an amazing high jump [video]
Posted by on May 30th, 2013

Meanwhile in Kenya…high school kids have some serious jumping skills. A video is doing the rounds of some Kenyan school kids doing high jump and you should take a look. It’s pretty crazy especially considering they doing it the old school way and just making a straight forward leap instead of the Fosbury Flop used by Olympic athletes.

Check it and ignore the soundtrack. If they were gonna add music they shoula totally used something from White Men Can’t Jump.

Hows that for some pep in your step hey.

Wonder how high that is?

The video was taken at a high school track meet in the Rift Valley of Kenya in the town of Mosoriot in February 2013. The guy who posted the video to Youtube has made a plea to anyone wanting to help get the athletes some proper facilities.

If you wanna help then click HERE.

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