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Childish headline of the day spotted in SA birding magazine [pic]
Posted by on May 29th, 2013

Given my previous post we may as well stick to the childish humour and have a look at this headline spotted yesterday in a birding magazine. You don’t even have to be a bird watcher to know that when it comes to identifying SA birds you need look no further than Newman’s Birds of Southern Africa. Written and illustrated by Kenneth Newman, it is the definitive reference guide. Newman is an expert in the field and often gets interviewed by birding magazines which brings us to this article spotted by a Life is Savage reader yesterday.

She doesn’t remember the name of the magazine, only that it was from the end of last year. But who cares when you have a magical headline like this.

importance of jizz


Did not know birdwatchers were also experts in that field.

Childish humour aside i thought it was a misprint or  disgruntled journalist, but i did some checking and ‘jizz’ is an actual birding term and refers to a bird’s general shape and size or the impression it makes when you first see it.

Now you know.

[thanks @Stormable]

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