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PSA: how to simply make homemade Nutella [recipe]
Posted by on May 23rd, 2013

Ok i think the lack of bread in my life is making me lose my sh*t because i’m pretty sure this is the first time ever i’ve posted a recipe on Life is Savage. I will happily hand in my man-card for the rest of the day though because it’s not just any recipe. No my friend..this is a recipe to simply make homemade Nutella. Yep…that hazelnutty chocolately sex paste of goodness and it will only take 20 min of your time to make 2 cups worth that will last 2 weeks.

Thank me later.

Ok that picture has nothing to do with the homemade Nutella recipe, but i found it while i was searching for an image to use and it stays.

Here’s the actual recipe.

Just click that recipe for the rest of the directions.

If you try it lemme know how it works out hey.

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