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Jean pant criminal spotted training in dirty flared jeans [pic]
Posted by on May 23rd, 2013

Sjoe…it’s been a while since someone sent in a pic of a jean pant criminal hey. It would be naive to think they have been eradicated so i’m just gonna hazard a guess that they’ve been going through a quiet phase. Never-the-less the f**kery of people going to gym and actually working out in jeans is still with us as is evident by this pic sent in yesterday by a reader in Cape Town.

He was kind enough to point out that while it may not be up there with the jean hotpant or the skinny jean pant criminal variety, he believes its the first time someone has been spotted training in flared jeans. Unfortunately he didn’t manage to take a pic of the guy standing so you could see the bell-bottoms, but i’m taking his word for it.

jean pant criminal

Come now guy…you should be ashamed. Not only are normal people shaking their heads at you training in jeans, but other jean pant criminals are likely to frown upon you for wearing dirty jeans.

If you spot someone working out in jeans then take a pic (carefully) and send it hey. I’ll add it to the South African jeant pant criminal hall of fame. Click HERE to see all the previous entries and be sure to have a look at the prize specimens as well as the king of all jean pant criminals.

[thanks Warren]

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