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Did the ANC bribe white people with food to attend a rally in Welkom? [pic]
Posted by on May 15th, 2013

Ok so while i generally stay clear of political f**kery i thought this story i spotted on the UK’s Daily Mail website was worth my 2 cents hey. Apparently the ANC is being accused of hiring white people to attend a political rally in Welkom by bribing them with food. The group of white people were photographed sitting in the front row wearing ANC t-shirts and speaker Cyril Ramaphosa pointed them out as proof that the ANC is the party for everyone. According to reports some members of the group had no idea who he was and said that they were promised free food parcels to attend the event.

If you’re like me then you probably just shrugged and said ‘well that doesn’t surprise me’, but i can’t help think of the outcry had the roles been reversed and another party was accused of ‘bribing’ non-whites to sit in the front row of a rally attended by mostly  white people.

Photo via the Volksblad newspaper

The Volksblad newspaper is in Afrikaans so i’m not gonna quote them, but if you can understand it then HERE.

This from the Daily Mail in the UK though.

“South Africa’s ruling African National Congress has been accused of bribing poor white people to attend a party rally in an attempt to bolster its multi-racial credentials.

The ANC’s alleged ‘hire a white’ scheme was exposed after more than a 100 poor white people sat in the front few rows of a political rally in the north of the country.” [Mail Online]

Imagine the DA did that.

Right…let’s move along shall we and leave the politics to the serious journalists.

May 05, 2013 at 8:37 am

Since you don’t apparently read Afrikaans, the entire article was translated with the pictures and posted on the site for #Refugee Camps South Africa”– , where the ANC organisers went to bus in these desperately poor whites with promises of food and blankets – which they then didn’t get even though they had to sit there all day and pretend to be ANC-members… What makes this story particularly sad is that the 1million of the 3,4million poor Afrikaners who now try to survive in those refugee camps (where the ANC regime denies them food-aid and government benefits, being ‘from the previously advantaged race group’ — , actually only became this poor only because of the ANC’s Broad Based Black economic Empowerment laws which bar the VAST MAJORITY of whites from the entire South africna labour market. Foreign commentators have already started comparing the ANC’s racist BBBEE-laws to the nazi’s ethnic-cleansing laws against the Jews during WWII in Europe. And a top genocide expert, Prof Gregory Stanton of the USA, has raised a genocide alert after visiting South Africa, warning that the Afrikaners are rapidly approaching al-out genocide under the ANC-regime. This man was a long-time anti-apartheid activist. He was shocked at what he’s found and had the courage to admit it: Google him with Gregory Stanton, Afrikaners, Genocide Watch, YouTube –

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