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First pic of Justin Bieber in Cape Town 2013
Posted by on May 8th, 2013

So pretty much everyone in Cape Town under the age of 20 is losing their sh*t that Justin Bieber will be performing tonight at CT Stadium and i’m told there are already plenty of people camping out at the gates to the concert. Yes they slept there last night. The Bieber landed in Africa yesterday (he tweeted it so it must be gospel) and here’s the first pic of him with SA police.

justin bieber Cape Town

Haha..that’s all you’re getting you desperate Bielieber you. Deal with it.

There’s another pic of him outside the building being escorted by the same police and that big oke his boyfriend in the red t-shirt.

And then there’s a pic floating around of Bieber at the McDonalds in Green Point last night posing with staff. Given the fact the there were plenty of crazed fans just meters away waiting for the concert at the CT Stadium i’m totally convinced that he went there all on his own at night and risked getting mobbed

justin bieber cape town

If you spot Bieber in Cape Town send me a pic hey.

You will get good Bieber karma or whatever they call it.

[pics via Twitter…err’body claiming it as their own and i’m too lazy to go find the source]

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