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Corrupt SA border officials made up to R200 000 per day!
Posted by on May 8th, 2013

Who says being a police officer in SA doesn’t pay hey…well if you’re a corrupt official at a Lesotho border post you could make up to R200 000 a day. Yes PER DAY. 9 South African police officers and 7 other people have been arrested for fraud and corruption at the Caledonspoort border post for letting people in from Lesotho without documents and charged them R150 each. They also charged people in SA to stamp their passports so they could stay in the country longer. The officials were able to rake in over R100 000 per day and in some cases double that amount.

R200 000 a day!!!!!!!!!!!

calendonspoort border post

How does one apply for a job at a border post? Asking for a friend….

“This had been orchestrated for a long time. The officials were able to make over R100 000 per day. At one instance officials shared R200 000.”

He said people without passports arrived at the border in a bus and a police officer entered the bus and counted them.“Each person was charged R150 or R200 and the bus was allowed to enter SA.”

Police confiscated R38 000 found in the boot of a car belonging to one of the immigration officials.” [iol]

And people made a big hoo haa over concerns about national security when the Gutpa’s landed a private plane at a military airbase meanwhile hundreds of people are crossing our borders without proper documentation every single day.

Kat says:
May 05, 2013 at 10:38 am

Now if only it was that cheap to get into other countries!!

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