No Banner to display – Alcohol delivered to your door…same day delivery in CT
Posted by on May 3rd, 2013

How did i not know about before hey? You know how many times i coulda used their service had i known they existed. I mean…door to door, same day alcohol delivery in Cape Town. Monday to Sunday. Given my mission to rid South Africa of the blight that is drinking and driving this is an ideal way to get booze delivered to your door if you’ve had too much already to go get it yourself. And think of the convenience when you’re having a braai and are running low on the good stuff… just pick up the phone and there you go. Beer, whisky, wine…whatever, it’s an online bottle store that delivers every day of the week. I’m happy with that.

They started operating at the end of last year so essentially it’s a startup and from the looks of it they stock a wide variety of  alcohol hey. Their whisky selection made me drool just looking at the pics.

I did some checking and they also own as well as for you wine lovers and more sophisticated types. Not that i know much about wine, but they seem to have a solid collection.

So next time you run out of whisky or beer at breakfast and can’t drive to the bottlestore…you know who to call hey.

084 823 8066 …I’m putting that on speed dial.

Stacky says:
May 05, 2013 at 3:13 pm

Bru, they the HEAT! use them often. cant believe you never seem me mention them… wait, probably cos i dont tweet that im drinking at 9am.

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