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SA team set to break world record for the fastest film ever made
Posted by on May 2nd, 2013

These days a full length feature film takes tons of money, months of planning (even years) and a lengthy shooting schedule…well a South African team are saying pffffft to that and will attempt to break the world record for the fastest film ever made, a 75 minute movie from script to screen….in under 11 days. Yes that’s a full length film in under eleven days. And you can follow the entire process while they do it.

They started on May 1st and are aiming to have the premier screening on the 11th May. The team is a pretty rad group and they have roped in some serious acting talent.

The current world record is by a team in India who completed a 2hour movie in 11 days and 23 hours. The had over a 1000 crew members while our local chaps are just a handful of talented geniuses so i’m backing them to nail it hey.

“On May 1 2013, a team of young, home grown industry players will meet to begin the scripting of a brand new South African feature film. 11 days later, this film will premier at the Bioscope in Maboneng and the Official World Record will belong to Jozi. Well that’s the plan anyway.

The project is currently untitled due to the restrictions of the record. There is also no concept, no characters, story-arcs or a solitary page of dialogue, because that’s not allowed either.

There aren’t thousands of crew members. The production team doesn’t even have catering (hint, hint). They do however have gear and lights, cameras and lenses, the best crew no money can buy and commitment from some of the biggest names in stage and screen.

According to co-producers – Bryan van Niekerk and Asher Stoltz, ‘With all of this at our disposal, the team’s mission is to not only to break the world record, but also to make an awesome film. Come May 11th, we are going to present a minimum of 75-minutes of gripping, blockbuster’.

Go check the website HERE to follow their progress and see the folks involved.

Good luck chaps…hope you break the record and make a rad film as well. If you have a part where you need someone to kill bad guys then gimme a call!

Kenny says:
May 05, 2013 at 2:59 pm

keep us posted! good luck to them.

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