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SABC footage of Zuma and the ANC visiting Mandela causes public outrage [video]
Posted by on Apr 30th, 2013

Just yesterday i wrote a rare political post directed at the ANC and DA about their childish poster war HERE and my second last line was “Leave Mandela and his legacy out of it and act like f**king leaders”. Now i’m by no means presuming anyone in government read it, but clearly the ANC didn’t heed my words because they did the exact opposite and have nobody but themselves to blame for the public outrage surrounding the ‘exclusive’ SABC footage of Jacob Zuma (and some high ranking ANC cocktonsils members) visiting Mandela.

The general consensus was that Zuma, the ANC and the SABC were shamefully exploiting the great man who clearly doesn’t appear to be happy with proceedings. And it is a well known fact that the use of flash photography or video hurts his eyes.

Here’s the video.

Ya’ll are a f**king disgrace for imposing on his privacy and using him in that manner. Where the hell is your common sense and respect?

Don’t you dare say you were merely wanting the public to know he is ok. Your thinly disguised publicity stunt is fooling nobody.

And Zuma…your little speech at the 1 minute mark was amazing hey. Clearly spoken, with confidence and sincerity and such perfect sentence structure. That clearing your throat bit was totally a clear indication that you were genuinely concerned for Mandela’s health. I could almost see the uncorruptability in your eyes and hear the integrity in your voice.

You are totally not a blubbering fool.

As for those people using flash photography…pk’s for all of you. With my left hand.

SABC mandela exclusive

Leave him alone dammit.

Simon says:
April 04, 2013 at 6:52 am

Denial, definitely still a river in Egypt. The poor guy is clearly weak, not quite sure what is going on and the best thing for him sure as shit is not the Zuma fucking media circus pulling into his bedroom.

Dickheads, the whole lot of them.

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