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South African parliament has passed the controversial secrecy bill
Posted by on Apr 25th, 2013

The South African parliament has passed the controversial ‘secrecy bill’. 189 votes in favour of the protection of state information bill and 74 against. Sorry what was that..i can’t hear you over the sound of our freedom to information getting pissed on by members of parliament. The bill is now expected to be signed into law by Zuma and what does that mean for you and me…well the government says it will be ‘protecting our national security and national interests’ while the media says it will be used to persecute whistleblowers uncovering government corruption. Holding or disclosing classified material would carry a maximum of five years’ imprisonment.

secrecy bill

Ya that.

“Parliament voted on Thursday in favour of a fiercely contested secrecy bill which critics say will muzzle the media and provide cover for government corruption.

The protection of state information bill, which will replace apartheid-era legislation on classified information and espionage, passed with 189 votes in favour to 74 against, with one abstention. ” [News24]

The DA is saying the bill is unconstitutional and has asked Zuma to refer it back to parliament to be amended further.

Sh*t…Carte Blanche and Debra Patta are screwed.

Mandela took several steps forward and this dumbsh*t just took us one step back.

For shame.

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