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My Sportingbet super rugby round 11 accumulator – R50 will win you R5700 [pic]
Posted by on Apr 25th, 2013

Ok so it may be the whisky talking, but my Sportingbet super rugby accumulator this week will net you some proper drinking money. For a measely R50 you will put a rather tidy R5770 in your pocket. There are some outlandish bets that completely go against the bookies odds, but hear me out for a second. If you’d gone with all the favourites every weekend since this years tournament started you would have won f**k all. Every single week there have been major upsets..the damn Tahs beat the Chiefs last week ffs.  So instead of making logical picks this weekend i’m making two crazy ones that arent so crazy when you look at them through whisky tinted glasses.

For starters i’m going with the Sharks to beat the Chiefs. They both lost last week but i reckon the Sharks are more angry that they lost while the Chiefs will be have been surprised and confused. You follow me…ya ok lets move along then. Next up i got the  Tahs to surprise the Bulls. No logic behind that decision at all besides the fact that they beat the Chiefs last week and hey it could happen again.

So here’s my bet. R50 to win nearly R5800.

Oh and that first game is dodge as well, but im bacing the Stormers. They are due to pull their sh*t together.

And while i may be slightly whiskyfied i suggest you hedge your bets hey. I also made two other seperate bets of R25 each. One where i got the Chiefs and the Bulls to win and another with all the home teams/favourites to win. You’ll get nothing but at least covers your bets so you live to bet another day.

Now head on over to Sportingbet and put some damn money down.

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