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The Dove Real Beauty Sketches for Men parody is hilariously brilliant [video]
Posted by on Apr 19th, 2013

Ok so if you havn’t seen it yet, a new DOVE campaign released a few days ago went viral very quickly. It was aimed at getting women to rethink their looks and involved seven women who were asked to describe themselves to a FBI-trained forensic artist. Without looking at them, he then sketched them based purely on their descriptions and how others saw them and the results were rather touching.

But of course the internet grabbed the opportunity to make a parody video, only this time it involved men describing themselves and then women describing the same man…and the result is hilarious.

First have a look at the original Dove ad for women that went viral.

And now the parody one involving men.

Haaaaaaaahhhaha! ‘His eyes were….rapey?’

Well played parody people…well played.

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