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Cape Town surfer found after being adrift for 27 hours in stormy Indonesian sea
Posted by on Apr 18th, 2013

An ex-Durban surfer who now lives in Camps Bay has been found after spending 27 hours adrift holding onto a log in stormy seas near Mentawai Indonesia…with no life jacket. Brett Archibald went missing while on a Mentawai yacht charter a day ago. Fellow surfer Jean-Marc Tostee posted the follow on Facebook yesterday: “Brett Archibald was last seen at around 4.30 am by one of the other passengers. When the passengers came up to the galley for breakfast at around 8am they realised that Brett was no longer on board. The Naga Laut immediately turned around to retrace their steps.”

A frantic search ensued involving Indonesian Federal Search and Rescue Basarmas and after 27 hours Tostee posted the following good news on Facebook.

Brett Archibald

That is awesome news.

Glad he’s alive.

It’s heartwarming reading his Facebook page (which he may wanna make private) and seeing how many people are happy he was found.

Is it too early to be thinking of a movie deal…they should maybe change the time he was adrift to 28 hours though since there’s already that 127 hours movie.

[via Facebook]

Mr Happy says:
April 04, 2013 at 7:29 am

Love this story! So much of awesome!

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