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The full Man Of Steel trailer is here…Superman is cool again [video]
Posted by on Apr 17th, 2013

Since watching Superman Returns in 2006 i have been put off by anything trying to bring back one of my childhood heroes. The Superman in that movie did the legend no justice and frankly he was a lame-ass useless attempt at resurrecting the son of Krypton. I was skeptical when hearing that they will bring out  a new movie coming in mid-2013, but i just watched the full trailer and  i won’t lie…my balls tingled.

Man Of Steel finally looks like they are gonna bring back a real ass-kicking Superman that is cool as f**k.

Check it.

Hell yeah. And it’s directed by the guy who made 300 (Spaaaaaaarrtttaaaaaaa) and produced by the dude from the Dark Knight trilogy.

And if you missed the first trailer last year then watch this. The soundtrack gave me goosebumps.

Yes man.

Can’t wait.

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